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Local Algarve real estate knowledge with an international background is a defining pillar of the founder of The Agency Portugal. Andreas is born in Germany, grew up in Portugal, and educated at Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

After being chosen at the People to People Ambassador program for Diplomacy and International Relations at the United Nations New York and Washington, D.C., Andreas has attended the International University of Monaco, where he remained for his first job as client relationship manager at an investment firm.

Andreas turned entrepreneur with the experiences gathered in Monaco and founded several IT ventures. After returning to Portugal and commencing a holiday rentals business in the Algarve and Lisbon, which earned booking.com awards and Airbnb super host status, he identified the need for outstanding service in the Algarve real estate sector and founded The Agency Portugal, catering to outstanding Algarve properties.

The Agency Portugal is not a traditional Algarve real estate agency, but a brokerage of a great lifestyle. Find ideal Algarve properties with us today!

PHONE:+351 91 728 96 99
EMAIL: az@agencyportugal.com
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Andreas Ch. Zabari

Lifestyle Broker | The Agency Portugal
PHONE: +351 91 728 96 99
EMAIL: az@agencyportugal.com
Address: Qta das Saudades,
caminho vale formoso 72,
Portugal. (private office, not open to public.
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Buying Process in Portugal

What is the property purchase process in Portugal?
Once you have found the right property, you fill out a reservation form and leave a reservation deposit which is agreed prior. Within 14 days a promissory contract is signed and a deposit must be paid ranging from 10% to 30% of the purchase value. A Public Deed is signed at a Portuguese Notary who will check if the documents of the property are in order and ensures that the buying entity has paid the purchase Tax (IMT) and the remaining value of the purchase price.

Golden Visa

What is it?
Fast track for individuals from non-EU countries to obtain a Portuguese residency permit.
How to qualify for it?
There are several methods to qualify for a “Golden Visa”:
  1. Business venture with an operating period of a minimum of 5 years and an acquisition value of over €500,000.
  2. Purchase of a property + €350,000 or properties older than 30 years, or located in areas of urban renovation or re-generation areas.
  3. Transfer a minimum of €1 million to a Portuguese Bank account.
  4. Transfer over €350,000 with the scope of research activities.
  5. Transfer over €250,000 for artistic/cultural activities.
  6. Invest at least €500,000 in a small or medium cap company.
  7. Generate at least 10 new job positions.

(this is for informative purposes only and is subject to change)

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