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algarve propertiesAlgarve Properties by The Agency Portugal has the mission to enable your dream lifestyle in the sun, by finding the perfect property in the south of Portugal for you! We are a young agency established in 2018, however the founder has vast experience in real estate investments, both commercial and residential as well as finance background, having studied and worked in Monte-Carlo. Through the personal experience of the found both on the buyer side and the seller side, he has decided to establish The Agency Portugal to better serve like minded individuals in the search for perfect Algarve properties. Due to the fact that The Agency Portugal carries a small portfolio of properties, it enables the team to offer a tailor made buyer and seller experience as we know every inch of the properties. The real estate market in Portugal has skyrocketed, which explains for the 1000s of new agencies being established, however true customer service and local knowledge will differentiate the best from the crop. We are exited to commence this Algarve properties journey with you and hope to assist you with all of our abilities to make your dream in the sun a reality! The Algarve is one of the best places to retire in the world, due to the fact that the quality of life is elevated, it is cost effective, great climate and great people. Furthermore there a plenty of gold courses around the region as well as interesting shopping malls and natural scenery that is sure to take your breath away. Besides golf, there are plenty of activities, both group organized or individual. The list would be endless if we would list them here, however here are a few examples: skydiving, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, bird watching, race car academy, sailing, painting, wine tasting, gastronomy events, etc… One of the most important aspect to consider while retiring or moving to a new country are obviously health care as well as general infrastructure. Luckily the Algarve as well as the whole of Portugal boasts great health care, both state and private as well as great infrastructure and is well connected to the whole world. Each year new air routes are added and the international airport of Faro is easily reached from throughout the region within less than one hour. Wait no more and contact us regarding Algarve Properties.


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